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Allergy Season: 

I have observed, starting 2 weeks ago, my patients with seasonal allergies all noting sudden flareups!  It is a particularly bad allergy season this year.

For some folks, in addition to whatever they need to do for medication, the herb, “stinging nettle” and quercitin may add additional support.

Also, active allergies tend to lock up the ribcage, and tighten the front neck muscles as well as the diaphragm.

I can treat these areas, helping patients function and feel better when they come in!

Chiropractic Question:

“After you adjust my femur with the Impulse tool, why does my leg test stronger, when you retest it?”

Answer: “If the upper leg bone (the femur) is a little misaligned in the hip socket, the upper leg muscles will not be functioning as they should.

Remember chiropractic theory — bone structure affects nerve function. When the femur is properly seated in the socket, the upper leg should test solid again.💪

This isn’t because you went and did a bunch of leg exercises, it’s just because now the nerve function is not impeded, to those muscles! 🙌